Monday, January 28, 2008

And while we're on the subject . . .

. . . of Northern Exposure, for your enjoyment and my own, I post here my favorite moment from the series:

In this Season 4 episode, Chris collects lamps and lights from everyone in Cicely and uses them to create a sculpture. You'll find more of the story line in the episode notes for Northern Lights, along with the text from this clip and the sources of the quotations in it.

This scene was my first exposure to the music of Enya. For the longest time after the show, I tried to find out the name of the song or who the artist was, but I couldn't find anyone who knew. How I eventually found out is a strange story. I almost never listen to country-western music, but for some reason I tuned in to a country station one day and left it on. Once you've heard Ebudæ, you know it's anything but country-western, so you will be as amazed as I was at what happened next. The deejay mentioned that a Northern Exposure episode had featured a song he was about to play, and that although it wasn't country music, he was going to play it anyway. I held my breath, hoping... knowing!... that it would be the song from this scene, and of course it was.

Gaelic Lyrics:

Amharc, mná ag obair lá 's mall san oíche,
Ceolann siad ar laetha geal, a bhí,
Bealach fada anonn 's anall a chóich.
English Translation:

Look, women working by day and late at night,
They sing of bright days that were,
A long way back and forth forever.
(Translated by live people at Irish Gaelic Translator)