Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Back to the Futuristic

Spend a little time looking back at looking forward. Paleo-Future celebrates its first anniversary in the blogosphere today. Matt has reprised his original "welcome" post, which will give you a good idea where he's coming from.

Sampling the archives, you might enjoy a post from May 1, 2007, Delicious Waste Liquids of the Future as imagined in 1982, especially in the light of the recent news stories about Los Angeles' drinking water.

Do your shoes look like violin cases? An Associated Press article from 1949 predicted Taller Women by Year 2000. See Matt's January 3, 2008 post for more about that.

Don't miss Matt's other blog, Older Than Me, where he shares items he's found that don't fit into Paleo-Future but are interesting nonetheless. Last week's For Tighter Marriage, Just Button Your Lip! (1959) is a good place to start!