Friday, February 8, 2008

Want Books?

Another great online library tool is WorldCat, which enables you to search for books by title, author, or subject. WorldCat can tell you what libraries have a particular book and how far those libraries are from your home zip code. You can add a book from your search to any of your own lists. How might you use this tool?
  • If you're planning, for example, a genealogy research trip to another part of the country, you can make a list of books you want to use at your destination libraries.
  • You might make a list of books you plan to borrow from your own library.
  • You might search by subject and create a list of book resources for a term paper.
  • You could make a list of books you read and enjoyed. You can add personal notes, reviews, and comments to the items on your list.
You'll know better how it will serve you if you see an example of what it does. Here's a link to one of my lists: Poetry by Bonnie Elizabeth Parker. Click on Dark Tigers of my Tongue to see what kind of information becomes available to you.

Just below the WorldCat header, you'll see a tab called Search. Click it and select Search for Lists. Type genealogy into the search box that appears, and you will find all user-created lists that pertain to genealogy. You'll find all the other lists I've created so far in this category. Some lists include books I already own but think others might want to know about if they have chosen to view a particular list.

A free account enables you to create as many book lists as you want, and you can choose to make each list private or public.

I've added a WorldCat search box to the Internet Buffet sidebar.