Friday, February 1, 2008

Waterfalls, License Plates, and Other Cool Stuff

You won't find any Oregon waterfalls at the amazing website, Great Lakes Waterfalls and Beyond, so before you go there, have a look at a few pictures I took during a visit to Silver Falls State Park in 2005. (Oddly, perhaps, it was letterboxing, and not the waterfalls, that finally motivated me to go after living here for almost 2o years.)

There are 10 waterfalls in the park. All of these are pictures of North Falls, which I found particularly interesting, not just for the falling water...

...but for what's behind it, a huge cavern-like ledge that's actually part of the trail. (In the photo above, the ledge is the dark horizontal streak in the middle.)

Not that the waterfall itself isn't beautiful... it is!

North Falls splashes down onto giant basalt boulders.

The photo opportunities were legion, and just as lovely from behind the waterfall.

You can click on these last two photos for a larger view if you'd like to learn about tree casts, which are visible in the ceiling overhead when you are behind the falls.

How did I happen to go off on waterfalls today, in the middle of winter? Well, I'm glad you asked. I was visiting one of my new favorite blogs, Michigan in Pictures. I grew up in Michigan and, while I'm very happy to be living in Oregon now, it's nice to be reminded of what's interesting about my old home state. See today's post there for a waterfall photo more in keeping with the season, and browse the archives. It was there that I found a link to a great photo tour of the Michigan License Plate Factory. You're bound to find something equally interesting, even if you've never been a Michigander.

By the way, I've added a Michigan in Pictures widget to the sidebar. It features links to recent posts.